Public transportation in Milan is managed by ATM. The network includes four subway lines, buses and trams, some of those running also during the night.

Some of the main prices are:

  • 2.00 € for one trip (it is effective for 90 minutes since validation)
  • 7.00 € for a day pass
  • 17.00€ for a weekly pass
  • 22.00 € for the monthly card for students

ATM card can be required at ATM Points in some subway stations: Duomo (MM1 and MM3), Cadorna (MM1 and MM2), Romolo (MM2), Centrale (MM2 and MM3), Loreto (MM1 and MM2), Garibaldi (MM2).

For more information, check the ATM website

An good alternative to public transportation during night is the service provided by Heetch: it is also an ESN partner and you can use the promo code ESNBOCCONI for a 5€ discount on the first ride.


Milan also offers bike and car sharing opportunities, check them out:

If you want to buy second-hand bikes, we recommend the Fiera di Sinigaglia, a street market which takes place every Saturday close to Bocconi. 


Train transportation in Italy is managed by different companies, the useful one connecting Milan are:

  • Trenord in Lombardy (local) 
  • Trenitalia in the whole country (local and high speed)
  • Italo in the whole country - only some connections (high speed)

If you want to find the best option, check out Trainline: it is a website that helps you compare several opportunities.

A car sharing option for long distances is also available: Blablacar is a website where to find rides offered by people travelling from a determinate city to another.