Erasmus Student Network Italia is the national network of the Italian ESN Sections. Founded in 1994, ESN Italia counts today 53 sections in 46 Italian cities.



Why is the National Network important?

  • Training events for ESNers: National Platforms and ESN Schools are great chances to share good practices, in order to be able to offer always our best to incoming international students
  • Entertainment events for ESNers and Erasmus, Exchange & International students: national events (like Evento Nazionale or the International Erasmus Games) or local ones, where all Italian sections are invited, give us the opportunity to make frienships all around Italy with students from all over the world
  • Sections Cooperation: sections support each other in several ways, for example offering suggestions, tips and help when other sections - or single members, may they be Italian or International - are visiting their own city
  • National Projects: all our local project (SocialEramus, ExchangeAbility, ...) are expanded on national level, so that we can join forces and achieve bigger results


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