SocialErasmus is an ESN International's project which aims to involve young citizens in activities that take social action, fostering change in the society, while they are experiencing the study abroad. The purpose of SocialErasmus is to enrich the international experience of young people abroad with volunteering activities that allow them to understand society’s problems and to work on the solutions. SocialErasmus provides an opportunity for international young people to get to know other realities and learn how they can contribute to improve society as citizens of the world.

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Going to study abroad for a period of time is a big challenge for young people, as they are facing an unfamiliar environment, a new language and culture. It can be even more difficult for students with disabilities, who may face inaccessible environments or disability-related stereotypes. As recognition of such challenges, ESN developed the ExchangeAbility project, with the aim of making our organisation accessible for students with disabilities, to help removing obstacles to participation in the exchange programme and promoting all the available opportunities.


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Erasmus in Schools - Mov'in Students

Erasmus in School - Mov'in Students is one of the main projects included in SocialErasmus: ESN volunteers and Erasmus/Exchange students promote Erasmus+ and, in general, student mobility in Italian schools.

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