Whether you are the new Ronaldo or the future Michael Jordan, whether you play volleyball like Ivan Zaytsev ... or you have only dreamed of being like them ..
The biggest sports event of this semester is waiting for you! 

Guys, we are proud to introduce you to the THIRD EDITION of the International Students Cup, the tournament organized by ST.E.P. ESN Pavia and all the ESN sections of Lombardia together with ESN ASSI Parma, ESN ENEA Modena, ESN Ferrara, ESN Torino, ESN Teramo, ASE ESN Verona, GEG-ESN Genova, ESN Piemonte Orientale, ESN Rimini, ESN Roma ASE, where International students compete in three sports: Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball! 
A day of sport, friendship but also competition: the best teams will receive wonderful prizes! (really wonderful!) 

WHEN AND WHERE? Saturday 24 November @ CUS Milano 
TEAMS: You can sign up as a team
Soccer: 5 people per team (Max 7 people)
Basketball: 3 people per team (Max 4 people)
Volleyball: 6 people per team (Max 8 people)
Don’t have a team? Don’t worry and ask us! ☝

The FEE is 25 euro and it includes:
- Tournament participation and insurance
- Welcome Kit
- Lunch
- Aperitivo
- Transportation by bus
- Party

- 8.00: Meeting point at Lambrate Station
- 9.00: Beginning of the Tournaments
- 6.30 End of tournaments 
- And then? From 7:30 pm Aperitivo and Party in a secret location! 

And for those who do not want to participate in the tournament... what's better than a trip to the beautiful Pavia? You can have lunch there and participate in a professional city tour .. and then join the athletes and celebrate together!
11:00 am: Meeting point at Famagosta Station 
11.30-17 Pavia City Tour, Lunch and , Pranzo, Visit to the Certosa

The fee for the trip is 25 euro and it includes:
-Welcome Kit
- Transportation to Pavia
- Lunch 
- City Tour
- Certosa Visit
- Aperitivo and Party

Come to our OFFICE to register yourself, or your team! 
*For logistical reasons choose only one between the Tournament and the City tour!

We are preparing great things for this edition and we CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!

ESN Crew

24/11/2018 - 08:00 to 22:00