Are you ready for the most delicious ESN events of the year? Who will be the best cook amongst all the nations? > What is an "International Dinner"? The event consists on a BUFFET DINNER in which everyone brings food and drinks typical of their country, in order to give us a chance to taste the foods from all over Europe and not only! Since Christmas Season is coming, we would like to spend this special event with all the erasmus students of Milan, to celebrate all together Christmas and to be ready for the greatest and final event of the year: the CRAZY COUNTDOWN! Think about a typical Christmas dish of your nation and for those who don’t celebrate this event surprise us with a typical dish of your country. Become a cook for a day because the nations who will present the best and original food or drinks... will have the chance to receive many prizes ESN Style! Start to organize your country’s team if you want your nation to be the best!

Spazio Ex Ansaldo
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